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AUSTIN, Texas — The Campaign to Stop Stericycle (CSS) has learned that the medical waste giant Stericycle is responsible for the illegal dumping of aborted babies collected from an abortion facility in Austin.

According to a recent investigation report from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), Whole Woman’s Health had been using Stericycle for a number of years to dispose of the remains of children murdered at its facility. While Stericycle told the government that its policy is to incinerate fetal remains, it was found that the “waste” service had been autoclaving, or steam treating the aborted babies, and then dumping their bodies into a municipal solid waste landfill with household and commercial trash, which is unlawful under the Texas Administrative Code. Consequently, an investigation is ongoing into Stericycle’s practices and fines are pending from TCEQ’s Enforcement Division.

The investigation report, released on June 3rd, vividly details the manner in which aborted babies are packaged for pickup by Stericycle. It states that during a visit to the Whole Woman’s Health abortion facility on April 14th after receiving a citizen complaint:

“It was explained that medical waste is placed in red biohazard bags, then placed into boxes provided by Stericycle. Each fetus resulting from an abortion is placed into a hard plastic container and then into a red biohazard bag. The bag is then placed into a freezer, where it is stored. When Stericycle arrives to transport the medical waste, the individual fetuses are removed from the freezer and placed into another large red biohazard bag. The red biohazard bag containing the fetuses is placed into the medical waste box along with other medical waste generated at the facility that requires treatment. According to facility representatives and the medical waste manifest reviewed, it appears that Stericycle picks up the waste once per week.”

Stericycle was then brought into the investigation to determine what happens to the fetuses after collection. Although Stericycle has been denying that it accepts aborted fetal remains for disposal, the information that company representatives provided to the government confirmed the disturbing truth.

“I contacted Mr. Joel Barr, Stericycle Austin Autoclave Facility Manager, to inquire about the treatment and disposal methods for fetuses. Mr. Barr informed me that medical waste containing fetuses or tissue should be sent for incineration.”

“While Stericycle has been repeatedly lying to its clients and suppliers about its service to the abortion industry, the government has confirmed what we’ve been saying all along,” Michael Marcavage of CSS stated. “Businesses that have believed Stericycle’s falsehoods regarding its collection, transportation and incineration of the fetal remains of aborted children must now open their eyes to the truth,” he added.

Government investigators again questioned Stericycle on May 5th as they visited the medical waste giant’s autoclave site in Austin, and Stericycle reiterated that the company protocol is to transport aborted children to one of their incineration plants to be burned into ash. TCEQ’s report explains:

“Representing Stericycle during the investigation were: Mr. Barr; Mr. John Earnhardt, Regional Operations Manager; and Mr. Mark Triplett, Environmental Manager. During the investigation, we discussed the handling and treatment of fetuses and tissue. … The facility representatives informed me that boxes of waste containing fetuses and/or tissue should be sent for incineration at the Stericycle incinerator in Apopka, Florida. The facility representatives provided me with a copy of their Regulated Medical Waste Acceptance Policy, which they provide to their customers. The facility representatives informed me that Stericycle’s company policy requires medical waste generators to label boxes containing non-autoclavable medical waste with ‘Incinerate Only’ stickers. Mr. Barr provided me with three years of Whole Woman’s Health of Austin’s manifests and landfill disposal tickets for treated medical waste.”

Although the boxes of aborted babies ended up at the Austin autoclave facility instead, it is not illegal for fetuses to be autoclaved if they receive a burial afterward. However, Stericycle violated the law by dumping the bodies of the babies into a municipal landfill. Therefore, the government concludes, “Since the treated fetuses were being sent for disposal in an MSW Type 1 landfill, a violation of 30 TAC 330.1219(b)(3) has been alleged.” Whole Woman’s Health is also facing fines for violations.

This is certainly not the first time that Stericycle has been involved with abortion facilities that break the law. Stericycle, the premier “waste” service to the abortion industry, maintains contracts with hundred of abortion facilities nationwide, including a reported 586 Planned Parenthood locations, an organization that is notorious for evading federal and state regulations.

“Stericycle executives are more interested in lining their own pockets than doing what is morally, ethically and lawfully correct. Not only is it outrageous that Stericycle is willing to dispose of human beings like trash, but it is deeply sickening that they have literally been dumping their bodies into the city landfill with the garbage,” Marcavage stated. “We again call upon Stericycle to immediately stop its horrendous actions and to cease from furthering the abortion holocaust through its collaboration with these death camps. Without Stericycle and businesses like it, the abortion industry would collapse,” he concluded.

Chris Wiatrek of TCEQ, who conducted the investigation, informed CSS that a full report on Stericycle’s unlawful actions will be released in July. Click here to read TCEQ’s initial investigation in its entirety.

CSS urges citizens nationwide to sign the Petition to Stop Stericycle and to continue to call Stericycle President Mark C. Miller at (847) 607-2038 or email to express their disgust at his company’s service to the abortion industry.

“[Y]e have sinned against the Lord, and be sure your sin will find you out.” – Numbers 32:23

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