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Listen to Stericycle's shocking admissions:

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Blood Money Profiteers

Stericycle’s Executives

Stericycle CEO and Chairman of the Board Mark C. Miller, millionaire blood money profiteer

As an enormous billion dollar company, much of the corporate leadership of Stericycle benefits lavishly from the company’s eight-figure income, which includes profits gained from collaborating with the abortion industry.

Read the profiles of Stericycle executives.


Stericycle’s Board of Directors

Although most of the members of Stericycle’s Board of Directors run their own businesses and do not work out of Stericycle’s offices, they are still rewarded monetarily for their involvement with Stericycle, thus making them blood money profiteers.

Read more about Stericycle’s Board of Directors.


Truck Leasing Companies

CSS has made contact with various truck leasing companies to warn them about the Stericycle’s collaboration with the abortion industry, but many have not yet ceased supplying Stericycle with the means to continue to collect and transport aborted babies to incineration plants nationwide.

Some of these companies may not care what Stericycle is doing with their trucks, as long as the company makes a profit off of Stericycle’s business with them. This is wrong, and for this reason it qualifies these businesses as blood money profiteers.

Read more about the truck leasing companies who lease to Stericycle.

Maybe Even YOU…

Are you a stockholder in Stericycle? Then you, too, are receiving blood money from Stericycle’s collaboration with the abortion industry. It’s time to rethink your investment.

There are also a number of large corporations both in America and abroad that are regularly profiting from the deaths of innocent unborn children through their ongoing stock  investment in Stericycle. If you invest in any of these companies, then you are likewise profiting from Stericycle’s blood money.

Additionally, if you are a mutual fund investor, you may be a part of a fund that supports Stericycle. Please compare your portfolio to the following lists and act accordingly.

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Read our list of top mutual fund investors

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