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UPDATE: In another victory for the preborn and the Campaign to Stop Stericycle (CSS), an attorney representing Idealease of Richmond has contacted CSS to claim that “Idealease of Richmond, LLC, has no intention of entering into a contract with Stericycle.” However, other Idealease affiliates nationwide are currently leasing trucks to Stericycle, which are being used to pick up at abortion facilities, and others may also be asked to sign a contractual agreement to replace Ryder. Therefore, CSS encourages continued calls to the Idealease office nearest you, as well as to President Dan Murphy at the corporate office.

Idealease, Inc. is the number one supplier of trucks to the medical waste disposal giant Stericycle, which depends entirely upon leased vehicles for its medical waste collection routes. Stericycle’s service stops include hundreds of abortion facilities nationwide where they collect the fetal remains of aborted children and the tools used to kill them. While Stericycle currently maintains a national contract with the multi-million dollar truck leasing company, its 400 affiliate locations within the franchise have the ultimate say regarding what lease agreements they will sign. Idealease trucks have been seen being used by Stericycle at numerous abortion facilities nationwide, including at Planned Parenthood in Columbus, Ohio and the third largest Planned Parenthood facility in the country, located in Denver, Colorado.

Most recently, the Campaign to Stop Stericycle learned that Idealease has signed a national contract with Stericycle to supply a truck for a route in Richmond, Virginia, which includes pickup at an abortion facility. The news follows Ryder’s prohibition against Stericycle using its trucks to service the abortion industry “in any way, shape or form.” (Read the recent news release here.) The finalization of the Richmond contract is currently pending co-signing by franchise affiliate Idealease of Richmond, LLC. Its General Manager, Jan Cross, has confirmed that the company has been presented with a 5-year lease agreement to replace Ryder and may soon sign off on it.

In an effort to stop Idealease’s collaboration with Stericycle in servicing the abortion industry, CSS urges immediate calls and emails to the Richmond Idealease office, as well as its national headquarters, to implore that it would refrain from furthering the abortion holocaust.

CSS began its fight against Stericycle in the city of Richmond, Virginia last year when it became aware that a Penske truck was being used to pick up at the “Richmond Medical Center for Women.” When the campaign learned that Stericycle had leased the truck from Penske to service the abortion facility, it immediately contacted the company to express concern. Penske Truck Leasing President Brian Hard sent an email to the campaign soon afterward, which stated, “We have been, and you have my word that we will continue to be, proactive in stopping Stericycle from using our trucks to service abortion clinics.”

The following week after the Penske truck was removed from its route in Richmond, it was replaced by a Ryder truck. Because of public outcry and the campaign’s regular contact with Ryder’s legal department, Ryder conducted an independent investigation into the matter and, like Penske, prohibited Stericycle from using its trucks to service the abortion industry.

Now, Idealease is tentatively taking over from Ryder in Richmond, and most likely also the other cities that Ryder had serviced as the Idealease corporate office will be presenting contract opportunities to many of its other franchise locations nationwide. While company executives could refuse to sign the contract, sadly, both corporate and franchise officials have taken a much different attitude than Penkse and Ryder. Despite the fact that Idealease of Richmond President Tom Thayer has been warned by the campaign that the company’s truck would be used by Stericycle to collect aborted babies, he has been extremely hostile. In fact, when Thayer accepted a call at his office this week concerning the matter, he answered: “House of Satan!” May the Lord break his heart over the plight of millions of aborted babies nationwide that he might refrain from facilitating the holocaust of the preborn. 

Will YOU help to halt Idealease from allowing their trucks to be used by Stericycle to transport aborted babies? A phone call or email can make a significant impact when we stand together! Please join CSS by taking action in these simple ways:

1) Call Idealease of Richmond President Tom Thayer at (804) 353-5555, Ext. 669 and/or email and kindly, but firmly, urge him not to allow Stericycle to use Idealease trucks to service the abortion industry.

2) Call Idealease of Richmond General Manager Jan Cross at (804) 353-5555, Ext. 665 and/or email and implore her not to sign the contract with Stericycle as it pertains to servicing the Richmond Medical Center for Women or any other abortion facilities.

3) Call corporate Idealease President Dan J. Murphy at (847) 304-6000 and/or email and plead with him to instruct his company to stop supplying the means for Stericycle to service abortion facilities nationwide.

4) Contact the Idealease office in a city near you and urge them not to sign any contracts that involve picking up aborted babies and the tools used to kill them.

“Rescue those who are being taken away unto death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.” – Proverbs 24:11

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