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PHILADELPHIA – Campaign to Stop Stericycle (CSS) is blasting the nationally-known truck leasing company Idealease, Inc. for being the top supplier of trucks to the nation’s leading medical waste company, Stericycle, which is also the premier “waste” service to the abortion industry. CSS urges a national outcry to Idealease to exhort the company to cease facilitating Stericycle’s widespread involvement in the abortion holocaust.

According to their website, Idealease, Inc. is “one of North America’s largest full service transportation companies,” and maintains over 400 affiliate locations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The company leases its trucks to thousands of businesses each year, including the medical waste giant Stericycle. Stericycle then utilizes the vehicles to service its waste collection routes, which include innumerable abortion facilities nationwide. During these service stops, not only does Stericycle collect the tools used in abortions, but also the fetal remains of the aborted children themselves. These murdered children are then taken to Stericycle’s incineration plants, where they are burned with the trash. Stericycle relies heavily on leased trucks to be able to collect “waste” from abortion facilities, including a reported 586 Planned Parenthood locations.

Stericycle uses a McCandless Idealease truck to service Planned Parenthood in Denver, Colorado, one of the largest abortion facilities in the nation.

Following the decision by Penske Truck Leasing Co. and Ryder System, Inc. to stop Stericycle from using their trucks to service the abortion industry, CSS is calling upon Idealease, Inc. to do the same. Futhermore, due to the loss of Ryder, it is likely that Stericycle will approach Idealease to obtain additional lease agreements in its place. However, while Stericycle currently maintains a national contract with the multi-million dollar truck leasing company, its affiliate locations within the franchise have the ultimate say on what lease agreements they will sign. Therefore, CSS is urging citizens to contact their local Idealease office as well as the corporate office and encourage them to not sign any contracts with Stericycle that involve servicing abortion facilities.

“It is sick beyond words that while thousands of children a day are being ripped apart in their mother’s womb in the name of ‘choice,’ companies like Stericycle and Idealease are callously continuing to profit from their murder,” campaign director Michael Marcavage stated. “We will not rest until Idealease stops allowing their trucks to be used by Stericycle to collect aborted children and the tools used to kill them,” he continued. “We urge Idealease and its affiliates to immediately follow the lead of Penske and Ryder to avoid being subjected to national public resistance,” Marcavage concluded.

CSS will be providing information at Idealease’s annual meeting of affiliates this week in Chicago to call upon the company to stop allowing Stericycle to use their trucks to service the abortion industry, and will be contacting each affiliate by email and phone.

“And [they] shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and daughters … and the land was polluted with blood.” – Psalm 106:38


A CALL TO ACTION: Do not let this atrocity be met with silence! A simple phone call or email can make a big difference when we stand together! Please act in the following ways:

1) Call and/or write Idealease, Inc. and politely, but firmly, express your deep disgust at the company’s partnership with Stericycle as it pertains to servicing the abortion industry.

Dan J. Murphy, President

Phone: (847) 304-3161 (leave message if no answer)


Sample Text: “I am extremely disturbed that your company continues to allow Stericycle to use your trucks to collect the remains of aborted children and the tools used to kill them. Please follow the lead of Penske and Ryder, and stop Stericycle from using your vehicles to assist those that destroy innocent life by immediately removing your trucks from all routes that service abortion facilities.”

2) Click here to find the contact information for your local Idealease affiliate to inquire if they are currently supplying vehicles to Stericycle to service abortion facilities, and to urge them not to sign any future contracts for this purpose.

3) Prayerfully consider making a donation of any amount to help cover the campaign’s costs of mailing information about Stericycle’s collaboration with the abortion industry to the hundreds of Idealease affiliates nationwide.


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