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Philadelphia, PA — Campaign to Stop Stericycle (CSS), a project of Repent America, is calling upon Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to withdraw over his investment in Stericycle, a medical waste giant that hauls and incinerates aborted babies nationwide, and for his recent comments supporting the murder of children who are victims of rape.

According to government documents, Romney’s financial group, Bain Capital, along with Madison Dearborn Partners, invested $75 million in Stericycle in 1999 in an effort to facilitate the company’s growth. The funding assisted Stericycle in acquiring its competitor, Browning Ferris Industries (BFI), which had been the dominant business in the medical waste industry at that time. Public records from abortion facilities show that those who had once been serviced by BFI transitioned to having their abortion “waste” collected by Stericycle following the completion of the corporate transfer.

A report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in November 1999 repeatedly notates Mitt Romney as being an executive involved with the investment. “The Bain investors … and Mr. Romney are collectively referred herein as the ‘Bain Reporting Persons,'” the document outlines. “Mr. Romney may be deemed to share voting and dispositive power … in his capacity as sole shareholder of BCI,” it continues. The report was signed with “W. Mitt Romney” on November 19, 1999. Romney and Bain Capital, therefore, began pocketing tens of millions from Stericycle’s blood money as a result of the company’s ownership in the medical waste giant’s stock.

Because the investment enabled Stericycle to acquire BFI, Romney’s Bain Capital catapulted the abortion collaborator to its current position as the top medical waste service in America.

“Mitt Romney and Bain Capital are responsible for assisting Stericycle in becoming the nation’s leader in the destruction of aborted babies, thereby further perpetuating the abortion holocaust, and they have pocketed millions in blood money from it,” Michael Marcavage, the director of Campaign to Stop Stericycle, stated. “Yet, Mitt Romney has never repented of his involvement, but instead continues to dodge the issue.”

Today, Stericycle is the premier disposal company of the abortion industry, as it reportedly services nearly 600 Planned Parenthood locations nationwide, as well as a number of other abortion facilities. After collecting the aborted babies and the items used to kill them, Stericycle transports the boxes and/or bins to one of their incineration plants, where they are burned into ash.

In an investigation conducted by the Campaign to Stop Stericycle in 2010, Stericycle sales representative Mara Villalobos, who outlined that she handled “multiple regions of Planned Parenthood,” confirmed that the company does indeed collect fetal remains for disposal.

CSS: [W]hether they be first trimester or second trimester, do these abortions have to be separated by container, or are they just going to be put into the one bag as a whole, is what I’m asking.

Stericycle: They’re just going to be put right into the bag, because it’s tissues and things, and human parts and — Yeah, they’re just going to put it right into the bag, and the bag is in the box.

CSS: You said that we just put everything into one bag and then box it, and that would be the tissue, and the arms, legs and all that.

Stericycle: Yeah, but there’s two waste streams in the clinic though, so there’s two boxes. And that’s something that the specialist will probably cover. The one box is for the path, that’s for your tissue and your organs and things, and then your other box is just your regulated medical waste, so that’s your blood-soaked gowns, and items and gloves…

CSS: Do we refrigerate the fetal remains until you come, and then that day we prepare the box?

Stericycle: If we’re coming there once a week and you still need to refrigerate because there’s odor, then we’re not coming out there enough. We need to come out there more.

A Stericycle employee near Charlotte, North Carolina hides his face as he transports boxes of abortion "waste" for disposal.

Further evidence regarding Stericycle’s collaboration with the abortion industry can be found at

Just as businesses aided the Nazi’s in their diabolical task of eliminating “unwanted persons,” businesses today are assisting the abortion industry in the ongoing murder of 4,000 children a day. CSS strongly believes that without the help of Stericycle and businesses like it, the abortion industry would collapse.

“In recent remarks, Mitt Romney publicly reiterated his support for murdering children in cases of rape,” Marcavage lamented. “While there has been much controversy this week over statements made by U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin regarding pregnancy and rape, where is the outrage over Romney’s belief that innocent children should be killed for the crime of the rapist?”

“While Mitt Romney may claim to be pro-life, he is nothing more than a turncoat and a chameleon, and is no friend of pro-life Americans,” he concluded. “It is time for Mitt Romney to step down and to let a man with strong, consistent moral character have an opportunity to be elected by the people.”

CSS also calls upon Republican leaders nationwide to seriously consider replacing Romney as their party’s nominee, and for pro-life Americans to rethink their support of the candidate.

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