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Graham, North Carolina — Citizens from across the country joined with Campaign to Stop Stericycle (CSS) last week to expose and reprove the medical waste company Stericycle and its incineration of aborted babies in North Carolina.

CSS is working in conjunction with Operation Save America (OSA) to speak out against the medical waste giant, which not only services legitimate medical facilities, such as hospitals, dentists’ offices and outpatient clinics, but is also the premier waste removal service to the abortion industry.

Stericycle reportedly hauls “waste” for nearly 600 Planned Parenthood facilities nationwide, in addition to numerous other abortionists. The items that are used during abortions are collected by the company, along with the fetal remains of the aborted babies themselves. The babies, which are labeled as “pathological waste,” are placed into red plastic bags, which are then inserted into tubs or boxes and hauled away by Stericycle in leased trucks.

According to individual state laws, fetal remains must either be incinerated or buried. Since abortion facilities will not purchase cemetery plots for the children that they abort, they instead utilize medical waste disposal companies like Stericycle to have the aborted babies incinerated — burned into ash.

Stericycle operates nearly a dozen incineration plants across the nation, as well as a number of autoclave facilities. One of its most prominent incineration plants is located in Haw River/Graham, North Carolina. Stericycle hauls medical waste from over 20 states along the East Coast to Haw River, including the aborted babies that have been disposed of in the region.

An audio file on the CSS website features a Stericycle employee explaining the packaging and disposal protocol for abortion facilities, and outlines that the discarded “tissues…and human parts” will be shipped to Haw River to be burned with tons of medical garbage.

“You’ll get stickers marked for ‘incinerate only;’ the waste will be incinerated,” Stericycle told CSS in an undercover investigation. “It will be incinerated, so it will be hauled over to Haw River.”

“It is sick beyond words that businesses like Stericycle are profiting from collecting murdered children and incinerating their bodies with the trash. What’s more is the abominable child killing that has been tolerated in our nation for [39] years,” CSS campaign director Michael Marcavage stated. “While many have focused their efforts on overturning Roe v. Wade by putting their trust in corrupt judicial systems and politicians, they have neglected the necessity of pursuing those that enable abortion mills to operate in the first place,” he added. “Without Stericycle and companies like it, the abortion industry would collapse.”

Stericycle's smoke stacks in Graham/Haw River, North Carolina

CSS and OSA joined together Tuesday outside of Stericycle’s Haw River incineration plant and in downtown Graham to stand against the company’s incineration of aborted babies and its refusal to stop assisting the abortion industry.

“It takes a village to kill children in America. Tragically, Stericycle is a major inhabitant of this complicit village,” stated Flip Benham, the national director of Operation Save America.

“Our message is clear. Stericycle must end this unholy alliance with the death merchants of America,” added assistant director Rusty Thomas. “If the abortion industry cannot dispose of these children, they cannot kill these children. It is that simple.”

The groups recently sent a mailer to every household in Haw River to inform them of what it calls Stericycle’s “collaboration in the abortion holocaust.” The mailer included a letter and a brochure that outlined evidence pointing to Stericycle’s deep ties to the abortion industry.

“Did you know that aborted babies from over 20 states are being transported to Haw River to be incinerated with tons of medical garbage? Did you ever think that your community would be one of the nation’s hubs for burning ‘unwanted’ children in America? It’s happening,” the letter states. “Four thousand preborn babies are murdered every day in America, and Stericycle, the nation’s leading medical waste company, is the go-to service for cleaning up after the act – including right here in your town. At 1168 Porter Avenue in Haw River, Stericycle burns aborted babies and the items used in killing them, billowing out their remains throughout the community in clouds of smoke.”

A press conference was held at ten o’clock Tuesday morning to expose and rebuke the medical waste company publicly.

TAKE ACTION: Please contact the following North Carolina state legislators to express your concerns about regulations that allow preborn babies to be burned as trash:

Representative Alice Bordsen       919-733-5820

Representative Dan Ingle             919-733-5905

Senator Rick Gunn                        919-301-1446

Please also contact the following national executives of Stericycle and the manager of the Haw River/Graham incineration plant to urge them to stop profiting off of the blood of innocent preborn children:

President Charles Alutto             847-607-2004

CEO Mark Miller                           847-607-2038

Plant Mngr. Alan Skrzypczak       336-578-8900 (o)     336-269-2140 (m)

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